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AMBER | FOUNDER, DIRECTOR, and lead choreographer

Amber is a busy mom of three beautiful brown babies, and a lover of seafood and Lindo Mexico Restaurant! During the day, Amber is driving around the city as a speech pathologist, helping families with their tots. Amber is an outgoing introvert, but comes alive teaching SoulfulMOTION classes. Amber has served her community for the past 10 years as a group fitness instructor in the greater Grand Rapids area, earning recognition and awards to commemorate her experience. As your SoulfulMOTION Director, Amber’s mission and passion are to continue to create a group fitness program that not only meets your physical fitness needs, but most importantly, meets your spiritual needs through a praise and worship experience and community.

“I believe with all of my heart that God created me to put this ministry together here on Earth. This ministry has not only touched the individuals that we serve weekly in our classes, but it has truly changed my life. I’ve been tested, been through trials, and through it all, the SoulfulMOTION tribe has been with me each and every step of the way. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to serve as your director and founder, and it is my prayer that your experience with SoulfulMOTION will be a life-changing one. This community has allowed me to learn the true meaning of walking by faith, and I pray that you experience God’s word and blessings through movement with us!”

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CHRISTINA | Assistant Director and Lead Choreographer

Christina is an elementary teacher by day who loves to incorporate SoulfulMOTION music and moves into the classroom! Who doesn’t need to get their wiggles out during the day? Christina loves to cook and find recipes that will convince people that vegetables are tasty and delicious! IG and selfies are her middle name, and she loves to smile and Boomerang after a good sweat sesh! She’s an extrovert who is learning how to love herself the way that she loves other people, and the way God loves us, wholly. Christina develops new instructors into individuals who possess the necessary components to continue the SoulfulMOTION ministry and its principles, she manages our social media content, makes junior boss decisions, and creates killer choreography.

“SoulfulMOTION has gifted me a tribe of women who have taught me more about myself, faith, and fellowship. This community has instilled in me that God wants us to grow in our relationship with Him, which often means being still and waiting, neither of which are typical verb choices for me. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!”

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KELLY | Director of Administration

Kelly is the brains of the operation as she keeps our data and numbers together! Kelly is the proud mom of two amazing boys who are her world. She grew up in Kentwood, MI and still resides there today. Kelly loves being active, being outdoors walking, hiking, swimming, playing volleyball and tennis, and playing front yard whiffle ball games with her boys and family. She loves music, dancing, laughing and spending time with friends and family. Kelly has a pretty outgoing personality and is totally a people person!

“I have been blessed to be a part of SoulfulMOTION since the beginning and I have loved watching it grow and evolve. SoulfulMOTION is so much more than a fitness class, it is a community that I have watched empower, support, inspire, heal and uplift women (and men) through all of life’s challenges. There is a sisterhood of amazing, encouraging, diverse, Godly women, who motivate you, who laugh with you, who cry with you, who pray for you, and who love you. I love SoulfulMOTION and our fitness family and I am proud and grateful to be a part of it.”

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Karen teaches for a living and daydreams like its her job. A dog and plant mom, Karen delights in watching things grow and creating moments…two things she loves to do as the Director of Ministry and Outreach. Karen spends most of her time outdoors, whether barefoot, in her garden, hiking, camping, or collecting memories. She loves decorating, writing, and being cozy.   
“SoulfulMOTION teaches me how to train my body while enriching my soul. The connections I’ve made are lifelong friendships with amazing and unique people: A true commUNITY focused on building each other up.”
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